Norris Square Community Parade with Spiral Q


Contact: Tracy Broyles, Executive Director
T: 215-222.6979 (w) 215-779-1147(c)

Norris Square Residents Embrace Innovative Collaboration to Celebrate Community, Create Parade
Philadelphia, PA - On Friday, May 15th, 5:30PM, the Norris Square Civic Association, West Kensington Ministries, al-Aqsa Islamic Society, Richard and Friends in the Community, Weed and Seed, Men in Motion in the Community, and Spiral Q Puppet Theater unite in the streets of the Norris Square neighborhood, unveiling a community parade to celebrate months of creative collaboration. Breaking new ground, these civic leaders, faith-based groups, politicians, performance ensembles, local schools, and recovery groups invite those interested in strengthening our city despite challenging times to join this effort.

Spiral Q Puppet Theater facilitated this unique collaborative process through the innovative use of story circles  and creative public action. At two community story circles in mid-March residents shared personal stories of struggle and celebration with an eye towards their visions of stronger neighborhoods. This community process brought to light shared images and symbols that resonated for many and inspired the puppets, flags, banners, and t-shirts created for this parade and celebration.

Students at McKinley Elementary and Hunter School, families at Norris Square Park, and youth at al-Aqsa Islamic Society will share prints, dance, and puppets that exemplify the visual imagery from stories shared through the story circle process. Spiral Q artists have been in Norris Square Park hosting free and open workshops, Saturdays, April 18th - May 9th to assist in transforming community reflections about Norris Square into giant puppets, flag dances, and parade props for the final event on May 15th.

Special guests include the Hunter Drill Team, Senator Tartaglione, Councilwoman Quiñones-Sánchez, and the Kensington CAPA drum line. Slots are available for the open mic festival at the Norris Square Park directly after the parade.

Please join us to witness this important community achievement. For more information, to join the parade, to perform at the festival, to volunteer or donate, and to see the parade route, visit or call Spiral Q Puppet Theater at 215-222-6979.

Norris Square Parade and Celebration
May 15, 5:30PM, begins at Norris Square Park (~150 east diamond street, philadelphia)


Spiral Q Puppet Theater seeks to mobilize communities, empower marginalized people, and illuminate the victories, frustrations and possibilities of living in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and similar urban settings through the construction of full-scale giant puppet parades, toy theater and neighborhood pageantry.

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Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director, New Kensington Community Development Corporation

Goodman is currently the Community Engagement Director at the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.

Previously, Goodman worked as a city planner and project manager for PennPraxis. His focus was on projects that combined community engagement and public space design, including the Central Delaware Waterfront Planning Process, the Green2015 initiative for Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and the Bartram’s Mile project in Southwest Philadelphia.  Goodman was an early contributor to PlanPhilly and helped shape the site in its first iteration.  As PlanPhilly grew, Goodman represented the publisher and provided professional planning input and project management support as the site expanded its beat coverage, went through multiple redesigns, conducted an internal strategic plan, and researched revenue generation opportunities.

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