Commentary: Where is Little Puerto Rico?

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As I was wading through news stories not too long ago to find mentions of the Northeast, I came across an Inquirer story about people illegally riding all-terrain vehicles.

In it, one person mentions he rides his ATV from his neighborhood to Little Puerto Rico, which, the Inquirer writer reported, is in the Northeast.

Many neighborhoods in the Northeast have blocks -  or even whole pockets of - Hispanic residents, but is there an area that can be called Little Puerto Rico? Based on previous stories from the Inquirer, like this one featured in Right NEast/Wrong NEast, writers for the paper go by the rule that Feltonville is in the Northeast. Or was the writer referring to Kensington, which the paper has also called Northeast before?

So the questions remains: where is Little Puerto Rico? Is there a small pocket of a neighborhood that's being overlooked, or is it really in Feltonville or Kensington, and not in the Northeast at all?

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