Right NEast/Wrong NEast: We'd never call for the closing of a newspaper, but this might push over the edge

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UPDATE (Sept. 27 12:10 p.m.) -- The error has been fixed, but not noted. We're told by a staffer the mistake ran early this morning online, but was corrected before going to print.

And then the Philadelphia Inquirer called Frankford Avenue "Frankfort."

" Frankfort and Lehigh Avenues..."

We'll leave it at that.

Hat tip to the Frankford Gazette's Jim Smiley for noticing this one.

Outside media don’t care about the Northeast. We have all seen them misuse, misspell and mistake our neighborhoods and our streets, so we at NEast Philly wanted to do something about it. When they get it wrong, we set it right in a segment we like to call Right NEast/Wrong NEast.

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