Righting the Blight?

    • Righting the Blight?
      Righting the Blight?

In 2008, Bob Coyle, the now-infamous slumlord, walked away from millions of dollars in mortgages he'd taken out on a small empire of crumbling houses in Kensington and Port Richmond, leaving the local banks that'd loaned him the money sitting high and dry — and on top of more than 100 of Coyle's properties.

Among those properties was 3310 Argyle, a vacant shell that had sat neglected for years when Jamie Moffett moved in next door and watched as drug users went in and out of the abandoned house daily. Moffett — an acquaintance who first brought Coyle to this author's attention — had called Coyle repeatedly, demanding that he do something about the situation. When that didn't work, Moffett offered to buy the house, but was brushed off.

Read the rest at City Paper.

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