DVRPC releases work program for FY 2013

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has released a proposed work program for fiscal year 2013 that contains $27.9 million in projects, a $1.4 million increase from the previous year.

The program includes $9.7 million to fund DVRPC operations, as well as $9 million for projects conducted by DVRPC. The remainder are proposed for pass-through projects that will be conducted by partner agencies and member governments.

Most of these projects are carry-overs from previous years ― such as updates to the region's long-range plan and Transportation Improvement Programs ― but also includes money for new projects, including an $80,000 study analyzing the projected effects climate change will have on the region.

Much of the additional funding is being provided by the William Penn Foundation for a $10 million regional trails initiative.

The DVRPC Board will vote on approval of the proposed program at its January meeting.

A draft of the program can be found here, as well as directions for submitting public comments, which must be received no later than close of business Jan. 13.

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