UPDATED: Old City Scoop The Poop campaign gets city blessing for pilot program, chooses new mascot

    • New mascot Buk (rhymes with Duke)
      New mascot Buk (rhymes with Duke)

The volunteers running a campaign to rid Old City's streets of dog waste have received the city's blessing to continue their program as a year-long pilot.

Program co-chair Janet Kalter said that Andrew Stober, chief of staff for the mayor's office of transportation and utilities, has told her the city wants the program to run for a full year - the pilot would end in November. "They want to see what might occur over that period of time, particularly in the summer," Kalter said.

Kalter and co-chair Tony Lucente met with Stober and other officials recently to present information about their campaign, which includes Leave No Pile Behind posters, dog waste recepticals and bag dispensers. Volunteers keep the dispensers stocked and change the receptical bags when they become full. Old City District volunteered to pick up the full bags, provided they were left near their regular pick-up spots.

Late last year, the city was enthusiastic about some parts of the campaign, but had concerns about other parts. Stober has said in the past that providing dog waste bags might create a dependency among dog owners, who should be bringing their own bags, for example.

Stober said Monday the volunteers don't have to change a thing for the pilot, however.  When the pilot ends, the city will evaluate, considering factors such as  how the disposal system performs during the summer's warm weather, whether or not residents lodge complaints, and how well the volunteers maintain the program.

Stober said the group's presentation was impressive. "We are satisfied with the work they are doing so far," he said. "It is great to see a community really stepping up with their own resources and person-power to address a community concern."

In related Old City dog news, Scoop The Poop has announced the winner of its search for a local bulldog mascot. The lucky dog's name is Buk, which rhymes with Duke.

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