New court date for Church of the Assumption

    • New court date for Church of the Assumption
      New court date for Church of the Assumption

Oral arguments in the case of the Church of the Assumption have been rescheduled from April 26 to Thursday, May 10, at 10 a.m., in Court Room 426 of City Hall.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court will hear an appeal from Siloam, the owner of the church, located at 1123-33 Spring Garden St., to overturn a vote by the Board of License and Inspection Review. 

The board has said Siloam, a social service agency that helps people with AIDS and their families, did not try hard enough to sell the church property before seeking permission to demolish the historic building, and the Philadelphia Historical Commission was wrong to grant that permission based on financial hardship.

The board issued its findings in February to Common Pleas Court, which will now consider responses to the findings from Siloam and the Callowhill Neighborhood Association, which has been battling to save the building it considers a community landmark.

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