Last Days of 40th Street Methodist Episcopal Church

    • 40th Street Methodist Episcopal Church, October 2012
      40th Street Methodist Episcopal Church, October 2012

Across South 40th Street from The Fresh Grocer, tucked behind McDonald’s and The Radian, is Samuel Sloan’s little 40th Street Methodist Episcopal Church. But not for long.

On a walk through the neighborhood last week I noticed that the 140 year-old brownstone church’s front door had been posted with an orange notice of demolition sticker, stating that the building could start coming down on or after October 9. New demolition permits were pulled in September by J.F. Huebner and Son.

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Ashley writes and edits Eyes on the Street. She has a special interest in preservation, neighborhoods, and all things public – from policy to art. Ashley holds masters degrees in City and Regional Planning and Historic Preservation from PennDesign.

Ashley has lived in 12 zip codes that she can think of, including neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. She is proud to call 19147 home. 

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