Q&A about the impact of public interest news with Matt Golas, Managing Editor, PlanPhilly

    • Matt Golas
      Matt Golas

As part of our ongoing series examining how to measure and evaluate impact in public interest news, CPIJ met with Matt Golas, Managing Editor of PlanPhilly, to discuss his thoughts on the importance of understanding impact for his news organization.  The following are video clips of the interview and full interview is posted below.  Comments, questions and recommended follow-ups are welcome in the comments section.

How do you define ‘impact’ for your organization?  What impact has PlanPhilly had since it was formed?

In what ways do you measure impact?

Do you take credit for changes in organizations PlanPhilly covers?

What are the biggest obstacles for PlanPhilly in having impact?

Do you ever time (rush or delay) the release of a story to increase perceived impact? Examples?

N.B.: the series by Patrick Kerkstra that Matt references is forthcoming for PlanPhilly.  Previously, Kerkstra wrote the Weiss Award recognized series, Deluge of Deadbeats, on tax delinquency in Philadelphia.

Do you track which civic leaders consume or comment on your news?  Does that matter to you?  Why or why not?

N.B.: The app Matt mentions is License to Inspect.

How will you know whether the License to Inspect tool has made an impact a year from now?

Have you ever included a call to action in your news?  Why or why not?

About the author

Michael Greenle, Advisor

Mike led the collaborative planning process to create PlanPhilly in 2005 as a Senior Consultant at NPowerPA (now TechImpact).  With input from stakeholders across the built environment community, Mike worked with the leadership of PennPraxis to shape PlanPhilly as a hub for news and information about Philadelphia’s built environment in an effort to build a constituency for planning and development excellence in the city. Mike joined PennPraxis as Communications Director in 2006, and collaborated with PlanPhilly staff to ensure an open and transparent process for the Civic Vision for the Central Delaware and other Praxis planning processes.  Since its inception, he has worked with PlanPhilly on audience developemnt, public data sharing and analysis, and sustainability planning. 

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