More Park, Less Way unveiled

Questions about how the Benjamin Franklin Parkway can be a more urban, lively place have puzzled planners, politicians, and residents for decades. And Monday the Department of Parks and Recreation will release a new kind of plan for the Parkway at an event at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Rather than focusing on major changes More Park, Less Way: Action Plan to Increase Urban Vibrancy on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway emphasizes near-term, lighter/quicker/cheaper interventions to make the Parkway a more inviting, interesting, active space. 

Parks and Recreation worked with PennPraxis* and the Penn Project on Civic Engagement to develop the plan, which was informed by a series of community conversations held last summer in neighborhoods adjacent to the Parkway.

At the unveiling Monday, Mayor Nutter will be on hand to introduce the plan, PennPraxis* will present the plan’s recommendations, and Deputy Mayor and Commissioner of Parks and Recreation Michael DiBerardinis will discuss what comes next. See the schedule below for details or check out the plan for yourself online.

*PlanPhilly is a project of PennPraxis.

    • parkway final event original
      parkway final event original

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