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Last night the Department of Parks and Recreation and PennPraxis unveiled a new action plan for making the Benjamin Franklin Parkway a livelier civic space, as PlanPhilly's JoAnn Greco reports. Rather than focusing on long-term plans or high-cost projects More Park, Less Way: An Action Plan to Increase Urban Vibrancy on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway emphasizes a more granular menu of moves that can be executed within the next three years. Among them: Reshaping four underused spaces between Logan Circle and the Art Museum by adding amenities for leisure, active recreation, and play; creating flexible civic spaces for small-scale pop-up events and citywide celebrations; improving connectivity between Parkway spaces (and by extension neighborhoods); creating management structures to fund and program public spaces with activities around the clock and year-round for a diversity of users.

You can browse the report for yourself (plus this in-depth transportation addendum). Here is a look at More Park, Less Way by the numbers:

More Park, Less Way Index::

  • Number of residents within a 10-minute walk of the Parkway: 70,000 across 7 neighborhoods
  • Percentage of those residents who commute by bicycle, public transit, or walking: 60%
  • Number of those residents under age 18, and above age 65: 5,000 and 10,000 respectively.
  • Number of visitors to the Parkway annually: 600,000
  • Amount of special events in 2011 that included full or partial closure of the Parkway: 24
  • Number of cars using the Parkway per weekday: more than 30,000
  • Number of public restrooms on or near the Parkway: 5
  • Amount of money PennDOT will spend replacing 10 bridges from 18th to 22nd streets in the next 5 years: $110 million
  • Funds spent on 2011 streetscape improvements campaign:  $20 million
  • Number of residents who participated in four public planning meetings: 300
  • Civic values reflected in the plan: 5
  • Length of the plan's focus area, from Logan Square to the Art Museum: .75 miles
  • Number of “underutilized” acres along the Parkway: 17
  • Amount of distinct new park areas proposed for these underused acres: 4
  • Net number of parking spaces lost on Pennsylvania Avenue: 0
  • Quantity of  problematic intersections identified between 20th and 26th streets: 14

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Ashley Hahn started Eyes on the Street for PlanPhilly in 2011 and was PlanPhilly's managing editor from September 2015 until July 2017. She holds masters degrees in city planning and historic preservation from PennDesign. Ashley has lived in 12 zip codes that she can think of, including neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. She is proud to call 19147 home. 

Contact Ashley via email or find her on twitter: @ashleyjhahn.

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