Frankford man charged for straw gun purchase

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A 24-year-old Frankford man is charged with buying two handguns for criminals, according to a Wednesday morning announcement from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office and Attorney General's Gun Violence Task Force.

William Santore is charged with multiple violations of the Uniform Firearms Act, and also faces tampering with public records, unsworn falsifications and conspiracy charges. Santore's gun purchase is connected to a Frankford burglary.

Jonathan Sanchez was arrested April 16 for that burglary and is being held on bail. The .40 caliber Steyr semi-automatic handgun he used was purchased by Santore, who also purchased a 9mm Astra semi-automatic handgun. That gun is still missing, and Santore is now charged with lying on the gun purchase paperwork by indicating he was buying the guns for himself. Santore has admitted to knowing Sanchez, but says the weapons were not for him.

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