ZBA denies drive-thru at proposed Bunting House-site Wendy's, appeal likely

After nearly a year of community based action, the Zoning Board of Adjustment has made their decision: Wendy's can come to Roxborough, but without a drive-thru.

According to attorneys associated with the case, the ZBA has issued a split-decision with regard to a proposal to place a Wendy's fast-food restaurant at the corner of Ridge and Roxborough avenues. A take-out restaurant was approved for the site, but a drive-thru window did not receive sanction from the city.

At both community meetings, and in sworn testimony to the ZBA, representatives of Wendy's said that the drive-thru window was a key ingredient to the proposed restaurant's business model. They expected that up to 75-percent of their business would consist of impulse drive-thru purchases.

A special exception – akin to a variance – was needed from the ZBA in order for the drive-thru window to be approved.

The ZBA signed off on its decision on Tuesday.

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