Weinstein seeks 'common vision' with residents for Germantown Settlement-property development

Developer Ken Weinstein will meet with residents Tuesday night with hopes of creating a "common vision" around 4811 Germantown Ave., once the address for Germantown Settlement Charter School's campus.

Weinstein owns all five buildings that sit on the six-acre site in southwest Germantown.

To date, he's renovated three of them, most recently an old school building that's slated to house a new adult-daycare program.

Specifics sought

Nearby neighbors have largely applauded Weinstein's efforts, but some want more details about his big-picture plans for the campus.

At least a few fear that the site could take on a health- and human-services feel and potentially limit what business set up shop in the area in the future.

During Tuesday's meeting — to be held on site inside a new performing arts center — Weinstein will sketch out his vision while also asking for input from residents.

He'll also lay out some details about lighting and landscaping and his interest in purchasing some of the old industrial buildings behind the campus on Stenton Avenue.

There will be plenty of time of questions, Weinstein told NewsWorks this week.

The back story

All five buildings were previously owned by Germantown Settlement, a now defunct social-services agency that mismanaged its vast real-estate portfolio with millions of taxpayer dollars on the line.

In Dec. 2010, a federal judge ordered the organization to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidate all of its remaining assets to satisfy creditors.

PlanPhilly will cover Tuesday night's meeting.

Meeting will be held Tuesday evening at 7pm at 4811 Germantown Avenue.

About the author

Aaron Moselle, Newsworks reporter

Aaron Moselle is a general assignment reporter for WHYY. While you can find him at the courthouse or a school funding rally, he also spends a good chunk of his time writing about issues in Northwest Philadelphia, where he was born and raised.

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