Riverkeeper reflects on quarter century of serving the Delaware

On Friday afternoon, Delaware Riverkeeper Maya K. van Rossum and her staff, volunteers and board welcomed the organization's fundraisers during a celebration of a quarter century of work monitoring the river and all of its tributaries for threats and challenges.

Watch the 13-minute video below to learn about how the riverkeeper networks use their reporting on the health of the river to advocate, educate and litigate for protection, restoration and change.

The main charge of the Delaware Riverkeeper and Delaware Riverkeeper Network is to restore natural balance in the river and watershed where it has been lost, and to ensure preservation where it still exists.

In 1994, Maya K. van Rossum came to work at the DRN. By 1996, she had been appointed the Delaware Riverkeeper. She testifies before state and national governing bodies, organizes concerned citizens, and keeps a close watch on the Delaware. Often, she is out on the water herself, keeping an eye on the river and looking for signs of pollution and illegal activity.

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