Lower Northwest meeting highlights waterfront improvements

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) held a public meeting on June 27 to generate ideas for new developments and improvements to the Lower Northwest district’s areas along the East Falls, Wissahickon and Manayunk waterfronts.

Specifically, the areas targeted for improvement are Ivy Ridge and the area referred to as the “Wissahickon Gateway”, a stretch of waterfront in the south-eastern corner of the district.

Any changes would be most beneficial to the district if they are focused on upgrading either recreational and commercial value, or the protection of environmental assets, such as creeks or wooded areas.

The PCPC advised the public to tailor their suggestions to those three considerations. They sought to get a sense of what improvements to the district Philadelphia residents would most like to see realized in these areas. 

With this information in mind, the PCPC will draft a plan for specific improvements to the waterfront, and will propose it to the public in another meeting to be held sometime early September.

To find the time and location of the meeting, once they are announced, visit After that meeting is held, the public will have a 45-day window to comment and propose changes to the plan.

Check out the video of the meeting below.

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