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PennPraxis and PlanPhilly are focusing our efforts to help Philadelphians make informed choices over the next year as competitive elections for a new mayor and City Council approach in 2015.  These elections will impact the built and natural environments in important ways and we hope that we can help Philadelphians set an agenda for how they’d like their leaders to help the city grow over the next decade. We asked you to answer the following question to tell us what you care about and help prioritize the most important issues facing Philadelphia’s built and natural environments.  Your response is captured below. We’ll use this information to help shape research and civic engagement by PennPraxis staff and reporting by PlanPhilly journalists.  We’re planning to follow-up with more questions as the year progresses.

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Evan Croen is the Web Administrator/Producer for PlanPhilly. He handles the day-to-day back end tasks for the site, as well as providing support for the editors. He also works as a Web Producer for NewsWorks, and works on special web projects with various NewsWorks/WHYY staff. 

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