May 4: How to fix Reyburn Plaza | Callowhill's planning mistakes | Dilworth fountains as crowd control

Inga Saffron says the Dilworth Park fountains were used as a form of crowd control at the Philly is Baltimore protest.

Duncan Black unpacks the South Philly parking psychology in Danya Henninger's Q&A with the owner of Marra's on East Passyunk Ave. 

The state budget gap is a bit smaller than expected, by about $200 million.

Steve Stofka makes the case for development of Reyburn Plaza next to the Municipal Services Building. Here's what the Central District plan envisions.

Registration opens in June for new Registered Community Organizations (aka RCOs, aka neighborhood civics). 

RCO elections are interesting because Councilmembers frequently defer to the local RCO on zoning and land use issues. For a comparitive perspective, there's an interesting fight in New York right now over term limits for community board members, who are appointed by the elected Borough Presidents.

GroJLart counsels us to go to Callowhill if we want to "check out what a real urban planning mistake looks like up close." As it happens, Hidden City is doing a walking tour of Eraserhood this coming weekend. 

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