June 15: Massive West Philly water main break | City Hall road diet | Broad and Washington update

A massive water main break in West Philly destroyed dozens of cars and flooded basements on Sunday. Will Bunch says this underscores the urgency of federal reinvestment in our infrastructure. 

OCF Realty shares some early massing renderings for Lincoln Square--the other major development proposed for Broad and Washington, on the northwest side. 

Mark Squilla's big blighted property auction in South Philly, which Jared Brey wrote about here, brought in more money than expected, and seems to have proved the concept to Jannie Blackwell.

Lots of interesting responses to David Curtis's call for a road diet for 15th Street in front of City Hall, over on the Greater Philadelphia Planners Facebook group.

A pair of conservative Senators introduced a bill that would phase out the federal gas tax and devolve authority over transportation infrastructure to states. 

Matthew Yglesias explains why even Northeast Corridor passenger rail service isn't that great, and reminds us of Alon Levy's suggestions for how to upgrade the NEC for 90% cheaper than Amtrak's current plan.

Should the definition of "mixed-use" also encompass master-planned suburban communities, or should it be confined to different uses on a single lot?

Lots of fascinating articles in this NYT Special Section on the future of transportation.

Ride-hailing app Lyft is now allowed to pick up fares at Pittsburgh International Airport

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