Mt. Airy residents begin talks on 10-year plan

Where do you see your neighborhood in 10 years?

That's what Mt. Airy residents discussed on Wednesday evening during the Mt. Airy 2025 Visioning Workshop, the first step in a project to transform the neighborhood over the next 10 years.

Isaac Kwon, project manager of Mt. Airy 2025, led the brainstorming session for folks to list issues in their community.

The planning process stems from a $100,000 grant that allows for the neighborhood to create a comprehensive plan for the next 10 years. The planning money stems from a Neighborhood Planning Grant awarded by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation in April.

"It's great that so many of you are engaged because we're going to be nauseatingly specific in what we want to accomplish," Kwon said.

About 60 people crammed into the stuffy basement of the Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church to vent about housing, economic development, and quality of life.

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John Corrigan, Newsworks freelance reporter


John Corrigan is a freelance writer covering Northwest Philadelphia for NewsWorks.

A Northeast Philly native and Temple University graduate with a degree in journalism, he has worked with the Philadelphia Daily News, Metro Philly, Philadelphia City Paper and KYW NewsRadio. John also spent seven months in Huntsville, Alabama, reporting for and staining his shirts with BBQ sauce.

In his spare time, John runs a pro wrestling website, Wrestledelphia, and wonders how he could have avoided so many student loans.

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