September 30: Philly's deep poverty problem | No traffic box for DNC | Nap pods

Among the 10 largest US cities, Philly has the highest deep poverty rate, reports Alfred Lubrano, affecting about 186,000 people, or 12.3% of the city’s population.

Claudia Vargas reports the June 5th Memorial Park group that formed in the wake of the 2013 building collapse is still $400,000 short of their fundraising goal for the park propsed at 22nd and Market streets.

Indego broke ridership records during the Papal visit, reports Holly Otterbein.

Dave Davies says the traffic box isn’t coming back for the DNC. The convention will be more isolated, down at the Wells Fargo Center.

Matt Bevilacqua looks at the changing landscape of bike shops in Fishtown, and what it says about the evolution of Philly’s biking scene.

Did you take a nap in one of the “nap pods” this week?

The Center for Architecture is unveiling their own coffee blend, reports Alaina Mabaso.

The new Isaac Tin Wei Lin mural makes a nice backdrop for a Chinatown parking lot. Conrad Benner has photos.

Philly wasn’t the only city with a big car-free street event over the weekend. Paris also did a trial run of a big open streets day, in a lead up to the big UN COP21 climate conference. Streetsblog collected some photos from the event.

Patrick Miner is taking over for my friend Geoff Kees Thompson at urbanism blog This Old City. Thompson is moving to LA for a fellowship.

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Jon Geeting was Engagement Editor at Plan Philly from 2014-2016. He has also covered city and state politics, land use, transportation, and economic policy for Next City, Keystone Politics, This Old City, Philadelphia Magazine, and City Paper. Jon grew up in Bethlehem, PA and moved to Philadelphia in 2013 after an 11-year detour to New York City. Follow him on Twitter @jongeeting.

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