Long-awaited train to King of Prussia would boost economy, study says

Someday, fighting for the deals at the country's second largest mall may no longer mean fighting your way to a parking spot.

The proposed extension of the Norristown High Speed Line out to King of Prussia would not only reduce congestion on local roadways, according to a new report by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia. It would also prove an economic boon nearby tourist attractions and office parks.

The report runs down everything from the reduction of air pollution to square feet of likely new development the extension could spur.

"Transit investment has been shown around the country and around the world to stimulate a variety of economic benefits, from construction spending, environmental and safety benefits that come from taking cars off the road and, in this case, travel times savings," said Nick Fortino, the Economy League's director for strategy and operations.

Estimates of benefits from the extension include:

  • shaving anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes off public transit commutes to the KOP mall from points in Philadelphia, Norristown and Upper Darby;
  • reducing some 1.7 million hours motorists spend on area highways each year, thanks to fewer  commuters traveling by car;
  • and 310,000 square feet of new real estate development per year.

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Laura Benshoff

Laura Benshoff is an education reporter with WHYY. Originally from Raleigh, N.C., Laura hasn't had a southern accent in years. She moved to Montreal for college before landing in Philadelphia in 2012.
Before joining WHYY, she worked as a health policy researcher in New Delhi and a grantmaker in Philadelphia. Laura's reporting interests include public health, education policy, youth-led movements and all of the ways they intersect with conversations around learning.
Twitter: @lebenshoff

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