July 6: Sanctuary cities take center stage in PA Senate race | Uber luring regional rail users | Commuting hacks

The U.S. Senate is set to vote today on PA Senator Pat Toomey's bill withholding Community Block Grant Funding from so-called 'sanctuary cities' like Philadelphia that decline to prosecute people solely for being undocumented immigrants, reports Tracie Mauriello. Jim Kenney is pushing back hard, with a statement calling the bill "straight from Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant playbook." Katie McGinty, the Democratic nominee running against Toomey for the PA Senate seat, is declining to make this a defining issue in the race, and is instead urging Kenney to walk back Philly's policy in response. 

Uber is planning a $1 million initiative to entice frustrated regional rail commuters to use its service, reports Mark Dent. More details will be available today. Uber has used other regions' transportation crises as opportunities to expand service in the past, most recently in the Washington, DC suburbs. 

Michael Noda has some helpful tips for savvy commuters to make the most of the SEPTA contingency schedule. 

Hyundai-Rotem's stock is up on the Korea Stock Exchange, in spite of the news about the Silverliner V's, says Joe DiStefano.

Laura Benshoff reported from Suburban Station at rush hour yesterday, where some regional rail commuters were just learning about the mothballed Silverliner V trains.

Jim Kenney overturned Michael Nutter's ban on group feedings of homeless people in city parks yesterday, after a judge sided with religious and homeless advocacy groups challenging the rule, reports Ronnie Polaneczsky.

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