SEPTA Key begins Quick Trips; token replacement set for November

This week, SEPTA added another fare option to SEPTA Key, the payment card system that will eventually replace passes, tickets, and tokens.

“Quick Trips” went on sale at kiosks in 18 Market-Frankford and Broad Street stations, allowing passengers to pay $2.25 for a single-trip ticket. Quick Trips are disposable magnetic strip tickets that can be swiped at the new SEPTA Key turnstiles. By purchasing a Quick Trip at a SEPTA Key kiosk, passengers will be able to use debit and credit cards to pay for the ticket, or pay in cash.

An archaic testament to Philadelphia’s more violent past, SEPTA cashiers do not make change, citing risk of robbery. Passengers without a token handy have long been forced to pay the exact fare, overpay, or ask fellow passengers for change.

A spokesman also said that SEPTA Key’s “Travel Wallet” feature, which will allow users to load up their cards with cash to be used in lieu of tokens for $1.80 fares, is set to roll out in late November.

Market-Frankford Line riders can pick up Quick Trips at Erie-Torresdale, Dilworth Park, 15th Street (at Express 16th Street Entrances), 34th Street, 40th Street, Allegheny, Berks, Tioga, and 63rd Street stations. Broad Street Line passengers can go to AT&T Station, Walnut-Locust, Cecil B. Moore, Spring Garden, Tasker-Morris, Ellsworth-Federal, Erie, Girard, and City Hall stations. Additional stations will have Quick Trip option added in the coming weeks, and all subway stations will have Quick Trips by October 17th. 

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Jim lives in Point Breeze and has also written for Slate, Philadelphia City Paper, and Philly. He tweets @Saksappeal and you can reach him at

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