January 5: $26m drop in cigarette tax revenue projected | Trolley crash | Coworking guide

The Controller’s office projects that Philly’s cigarette tax revenue will bring in $26 million less than anticipated this fiscal year, reports Anna Orso. “The figures could mean two things, both of which were expected when the tax was implemented: 1. People in the city are quitting smoking as to avoid the $2-per-pack tax and 2. Some are leaving the city to buy cigarettes elsewhere.”

Former Managing Director Jay McCalla takes aim at the soda tax’s bitter victory in a City & State op-ed, calling out the Kenney team’s “smug-thug” tactics during the fight, particularly creating a fake news story by sending “activists” to corner Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez in front of cameras. “This was a dirty trick worthy of Richard Nixon.”

On Wednesday two westbound Route 10 Trolleys crashed in Powelton. The Inquirer reports 46 people were hurt in the crash, including the 2 operators. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Tecnically Philly offers a guide to 30+ coworking spaces in the region.

Salon looks at the trend of waste-to-energy (WTE) plants across the world and looks at why the U.S. hasn’t really embraced burning our trash for energy purposes. A Columbia University research group finds that “WTE plants conserve fossil fuels by generating electricity. One ton of municipal solid waste combusted reduces oil use by one barrel (ie, 35 gallons).” But America hasn’t built a WTE plant in 20 years, in part because the economic and environmental benefits are far from clear. In the end, “it’s this mindfulness that’s missing from our trash strategy.”

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