April 19: Verizon leaves Bell Atlantic Tower | Trolley Power on Delaware Ave | Parkway 'Fireflies'

Will Comcast take over more space in the Bell Atlantic Tower as Verizon vacates? Jacob Adelman reports on changes ahead at 1717 Arch.

Will New Macedonia Church on Corinthian Ave be torn down for townhouses? Naked Philly forecasts this rumored end for the undesignated 1880s church.

GroJLart hops in the wayback machine for Hidden City to trace the history of an old trolley power station on Delaware Avenue, including its more recent salty, clubbing, climbing uses. Come for the really cool historic photos, stay for the explanation of what powering trolleys required.

‘Fireflies’ is coming to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in September. And by that we mean a choreographed light performance by artist Cai Guo-Qiang, commissioned by the Association for Public Art with Fung Collaboratives. New York Times has details. 

On Tuesday, Philadelphia lost Dorrance ‘Dodo’ Hamilton, the billionaire Campbell’s Soup heiress whose generosity benefitted the Flower Show’s Horticourt, the Please Touch Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and a long tenure on Thomas Jefferson University’s board.

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Contact Ashley via email or find her on twitter: @ashleyjhahn.

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