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    • The turnstiles will incorporate each of the station's unique design features, like the colored bricks at Market East Station
Eyes on the Street

Commuter Tunnel at 30: Legacy and Potential

Community Contributors Richard Voith and Peter Angelides of Econsult Solutions consider the legacy of the Commuter Rail Tunnel, which turned 30 this month, and the importance of capitalizing on its potential.…

    • Regional Rail Paoli/Thorndale
Eyes on the Street

June 13: SEPTA regional rail strike likely, plans | Broad Street Line WiFi | Difference maker: Amy Laura Cahn | Renaming 30th Street Station

Happy Friday the 13th folks. Fair warning: Drexel’s commencement ceremonies are today, so be forewarned if you are in that neck of the woods today. A federal mediator will try to…

    • septa platform
Eyes on the Street

August 9: First day of school could be delayed | Home2 Suites, worst new building in city | Mantua collapse | Q&A with Nic Esposito | Regional Rail schedules change

Happy Friday, Streeters. Pay no attention to today’s humid gloom: the weekend promises to be beautiful. Here’s what’s buzzing this morning: Unless $50 million can fall from the sky, Superintendent William…

    • modern housing

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