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DVRPC approves Race-Vine accessibility improvements

The project, which should get about $3 million over the next two fiscal years, is being paid in large part by federal New Freedom money, designed to help improve accessibility. Including…

    • A new entrance to Fern Rock envisioned by DVRPC.

DVRPC releases plan to make Fern Rock work better

Fern Rock Transportation Center is too big for its own good.The North Philadelphia facility ― a key transfer point between SEPTA buses, regional rail and the Broad Street Line ― was…

    • A schematic of SEPTA's project underneath Dilworth Plaza, including new elevators provided for in the agreement.

SEPTA riders getting City Hall elevators down to the El

SEPTA riders will be getting elevators at the 15th Street Market-Frankford El station thanks to a consent decree that ends a contentious lawsuit filed against SEPTA eight years ago.The two…

    • A new report gives suggestions on increasing ridership among students.

Report chronicles information gap between SEPTA and youth riders

Only 22 percent of college and high school students in Philadelphia have heard of SEPTA's Independence Pass.And only 16 percent have heard of Mobile SEPTA, the authority's mobile…

    • Gazing through transportation's crystal ball to 2011

Gazing through transportation's crystal ball to 2011

2010 has been a big year for regional transportation, with stimulus money driving major upgrades to aging infrastructure and the first of a new fleet of railcars coming online to replace…

    • Riders Against Gender Exclusion press material

Protesters take up gender issue at SEPTA capital budget hearing

A preliminary SEPTA capital budget hearing was interrupted Wednesday morning as protesters called on the authority to eliminate gender stickers on its weekly and monthly passes.The group, SEPTA Riders Against…

SEPTA slowly moving forward with City Hall station rebuild

Spurred on by the Center City District's plans to remake Dilworth Plaza, SEPTA is slowly moving forward with its own project to reconstruct City Hall station ― despite the fact…

    • The new SEPTA map.

SEPTA takes a connection away. Only it doesn't.

New maps SEPTA is busy installing on subway stations and trains have a number of updates. The old regional rail numbers and colors are gone. The product includes the Route 15…

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