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City wins stimulus grant for smart traffic signals

The city is receiving a $10 million federal stimulus grant to put in new high-tech traffic signals ― $6 million less than it requested.The traffic signals will employ transit…

SEPTA applies to TIGER II grant program for smart card

SEPTA submitted an application Monday to try to get federal stimulus money to help pay for part of the new smart card system.As previously reported (, SEPTA is…

    • SEPTA taking another run at Smart Card

SEPTA taking another run at Smart Card

Faced with a big hole in its capital budget, SEPTA is turning to the federal government for help getting the long-overdue smart card system off the ground.The authority submitted a…

    • SEPTA fares

SEPTA is still thinking about "smarter" way to charge

Although SEPTA’s long-term financial health is in jeopardy because of cuts to Act 44 state transportation subsidies, the authority is still trying to move ahead with a new smart card fare…

    • James Estrin/The New York Times / One of the new CEMUSA newsstands was installed last week near the Queens Center mall.

New pitches for "street furniture"

Philadelphians had a chance on Monday to hear from four companies that will probably be bidding for the city’s new 20-year contract to install and maintain street furniture.
The city is…

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