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    • Jane Jacobs at home in Toronto

Jane Jacobs and Philly's four original squares

When Jane Jacobs published “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” in 1961, it was a self-aware indictment of the dominant thinking in city planning. Jacobs railed against top-down master…

    • Looking in the Parkway, 1925 (Image no. 4745) | Aero Service Corp. | Aerial Viewpoint, Spring, TX
Eyes on the Street

From Above: 'Looking in the Parkway, 1925'

Last week, I shared two aerials of the Parkway from 1920 and 1921. This week, as we close out our time on the Parkway for the moment, we zoom out…

    • The Rodin Museum's three-phased restoration is nearly complete, and the museum will reopen on July 13.

From Eyes on the Street: Rodin Museum Rejuvenation

While Paul Cret was designing Albert Barnes’ gallery in Merion, his office was also working on plans for the Rodin Museum on the still-new Parkway. And now, decades later, as the…

    • Barnes Reflection
Eyes on the Street

Barnes Materials: extraordinary textures

By now you've heard that architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien's design for the Barnes is a masterful modern work, imbued with a quiet, graceful power, and a sense of permanence.…

    • The children's discovery garden and boat pond in the new Sister Cities Park.
Eyes on the Street

Sister Cities Park: Logan Square's new high-impact, playful park

You’d be forgiven for forgetting Logan Square's old Sister Cities Plaza, but the new Sister Cities Park that replaces it is hard to miss. In an era of slim budgets, most…

Eyes on the Street

Renovated Philbrick Hall adds space, amenities for Parkway Central

After nine months of construction the Free Library's Philbrick Popular Library reopened in March as Philbrick Hall. I dropped by recently and found the rejuvenated popular reading room filled with life, modern amenities,…

    • 'Phoenix Rising' set in Dilworth Plaza, Fall 2011.
Eyes on the Street

Phoenix Rising sculpture says farewell to Dilworth Plaza

Even though construction on Dilworth Plaza began months ago, the Phoenix Rising sculpture remained in its barren, sunken setting in the Plaza's north end. The 'Phoenix Rising' sculpture removed from Dilworth…

    • A little afternoon preening.
Eyes on the Street

Webcam: Franklin Institute hawks nest

Live stream videos at Ustream People like to think of the Parkway as the start of Fairmount Park, a piece of nature grafted into the city. A pair of Red-tailed Hawks…

    • Print and Pictures holds 1.5 million items at the Free Library's Parkway Central.
Eyes on the Street

Checking out: As Free Library's role shifts, where does that leave Parkway Central’s special collections?

The Free Library is grappling with how to be a better 21st century resource for a needy city. Recent years have been tough on the library – budget and staff cuts,…

    • Schuylkill Banks has sadly seen an uptick in vandalism. | file photo | Andrew Goodman
Eyes on the Street

Schuylkill Banks sees spike in vandalism

    • The City wants to see the Family Court Building at 1801 Vine redeveloped.
Eyes on the Street

City seeks study of Family Court Building as prelude to redevelopment

After a false start in 2010, the Family Court Building at 1801 Vine Street could be redeveloped yet. First, the city wants to get to know the building a little bit…

    • Today we need connectors to draw people beneath I-95, but if the highway became a boulevard?
Eyes on the Street

Urbanize this highway: Renewed calls to rethink I-95 and the Vine Street Expressway

What if Philadelphia converted its elevated and sunken highways into urban assets? Imagine a broad, green boulevard instead of I-95 running past Center City, complete with light rail. Or healing the…

    • Spring Garden's Doughboy
Eyes on the Street

Marking Veterans Day

Veterans Day started out as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I – at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month. Although today is a…

    • From Eyes on the Street: Under the Clothespin: fantasy cityscape at Centre Square

From Eyes on the Street: Under the Clothespin: fantasy cityscape at Centre Square

If you enter the subway at Centre Square, going down the steps around Claes Oldenburg’s Clothespin, you find a grim expanse of white subway tile that glows a little green thanks to…

    • Reimagine Spring Garden Street with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council | Interface Studio
Eyes on the Street

Redesigning Spring Garden Street as a Greenway

Imagine Spring Garden Street as a green urban boulevard where pedestrians, runners, and cyclists had a recreational trail to move along, separated from car and transit traffic by a planted green…

    • PHS Pops Up Garden, June 2011
Eyes on the Street

PHS Pops Up Garden turned vacant lot into a productive landscape

PHS Pops Up Garden, June 2011 This summer the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) transformed a long-vacant lot at 20th and Market streets into a lively, green space filled with raised beds…

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