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Urban agriculture uses to remain by-right in neighborhood commercial corridors

UPDATED 3:12 p.m., 1/23/2013 It appears that community gardens and farms will continue to be permitted by right in neighborhood commercial corridors, as the new zoning code intended. Councilman Brian O’Neill,…

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Planning Commission OKs rezoning of 67-acre waterfront parcel in Bridesburg

Back in 2007, a 67-acre plot of mostly vacant waterfront property on the Delaware River in Bridesburg was remapped from industrial zoning to Waterfront Redevelopment zoning for a proposed 720-unit housing…

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Equinox to build 29 units on city-owned vacant land in Francisville

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission voted Tuesday to approve an agreement between the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and developer Jonathan Weiss, of Equinox Management & Construction, to build 29 residential units on…

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Nutter encourages restraint on zoning code during Phila2035 update

A standing-room-only crowd at the Center for Architecture burst into applause, interrupting surprise guest Michael Nutter as he explained the importance of being patient with the new zoning code that his…

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You are viewing 44 posts by the author Jared Brey concerning Philadelphia City Planning Commission


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