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    • philadelphia zoning map

Northeast Philadelphia zoning overlay would prohibit medical offices

Councilman Brian O’Neill introduced a bill on Thursday creating a “Northeast Zoning Overlay,” which would prohibit certain medical uses in many zoning districts throughout Northeast Philadelphia, in areas where they are…

    • auto body shop

Zoning tweaks introduced for Northeast Philly

Like many others, Councilman Brian O’Neill is finding changes he wants to make to the city’s year-old zoning code. But unlike others, and unlike his own previous efforts to change the…

    • Councilmen Bill Green, Brian O'Neill and Mark Squilla huddle

O’Neill bills reclassify uses in commercial mixed-use districts, create new district to be mapped in

Hold onto your hats, planning fans. Things are about to get weird. During the zoning reform process, the Zoning Code Commission created a series of districts labeled CMX, for Commercial Mixed…

You are viewing 3 posts by the author Jared Brey concerning Upper Far Northeast


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