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    • School District advertising

A plan to advertise in public schools

It’s well known that Philadelphia public schools are very short on money, and on Thursday two members of City Council announced a plan by which students could help fund their own…

    • Titan

City to seek ads on public property in the 'near future'

Last week, City Council amended the zoning code to allow for the creation of a municipal advertising program, in which advertisements promoting commercial products or political or religious ideas could appear…

    • phpg535yq

Updated: Clarke bill would allow advertising on municipal property

 Councilman Bobby Henon introduced a bill on behalf of Council President Darrell Clarke Thursday morning allowing for digital signs and advertisements to be installed on municipal property. The proposal, which Clarke…

    • City Council President Darrell Clarke

City Council starts the year with a handful of revenue- and job-generation bills

In their first meeting of 2012, City Council members introduced a raft of bills and resolutions both ceremonial and substantial, including two bills previously submitted by Councilman Darrell Clarke at the…

    • Council set to go in 2012

City Council to hold its first session of 2012

A revamped City Council will hold its first meeting of 2012 Thursday morning, and its agenda is looking … not publicly available.As of Wednesday afternoon, Council’s meeting agenda had not…

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