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    • Parks & Recreation Commission meets, gets green in Hawthorne

Parks & Recreation Commission meets, gets green in Hawthorne

Wednesday's meeting of the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Commission at Hawthorne Recreation Center saw the announcement of some triumphant news and some administrative changes.Chair Nancy Goldenberg began by announcing a…

    • There are bridge and boardwalk plan for a 2 1/2-acre island that's amassed in the river outside of Lloyd Hall

Parks & Recreation Commission returns to business

Welcoming several new faces and reveling in the sun that spilled through the glass-block windows of Lloyd Hall, the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Commission returned to business Wednesday night after a…

    • Greco/Outside Family Court

Public Space as connector was an issue for Philadelphians in 2011

My beats are varied but, time and time again, public space is the connector. That Philadelphians feel strongly about this issue, too, is clear. Some of PlanPhilly's most-read stories addressed this…

    • Commissioners Goldenberg, Hoskins, Hackett

Parks & Recreation Commission examines concession process

At Wednesday night's Parks and Recreation Commission meeting at the central branch of the Free Library, commissioners received more information on how the Department will begin implementing a comprehensive revenue model…

    • Parks and Rec talks merger, trees, recreation opportunities and money

Parks and Rec readies itself for the high season

Well into the nearly two-hour meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission, Commissioner Mike DiBerardinis spoke forcefully about the challenges and opportunities his department faces. "I don't think there's a better…

    • New Year brings new resolutions at P&R

New Year brings new resolutions at P&R

Parks & Recreation Commission Chairperson Nancy Goldenberg began last night's public meeting at the Central Branch of the Free Library, by wishing everyone a happy new year. She then went on…

    • Draft of ordinance

Parks & Recreation airs out open lands protection ordinance

In a brisk public hearing last night at the Central Branch of the Free Library, 10 parks and recreation commissioners listened to brief comments from a handful of parks activists, concerned…

    • Parks and Recreation moves ahead on land disposition ordinance

Parks and Recreation moves ahead on land disposition ordinance

On Wednesday evening, for its fourth meeting since being formed, the new Parks and Recreation Commission offered the first public glimpse of its proposed Open Land Protection Ordinance. The ordinance…

    • Michael DiBerardinis

Don't miss the Parks & Rec meeting Wednesday night

This Wednesday evening, the newly-formed Parks & Recreation Commission rolls up its sleeves and meets for the first time since its official merger this summer. In a candid Q&A with PlanPhilly…

    • Budget neglect of Fairmount Park

Message from Parks and Rec friends: find the money

June 10, 2010 By JoAnn GrecoFor PlanPhillyIf weather has any significance as an omen, today's park-related activities were very interesting indeed. Under a threatening sky, 17 representatives of parks…

    • Mayor Nutter addresses the volunteers and residents of Francisville   on Saturday

Philly will plant 300,000 new trees by 2015

April 26, 2010By JoAnn GrecoFor PlanPhillyOne thousand trees planted around town last Saturday. Another couple thousand promised by the end of June. At this rate, Philadelphia will surely…

    • Mayor Nutter addresses Parks and Rec Commission

Parks & Rec integration is a priority

March 18, 2010 By JoAnn GrecoFor PlanPhillyHow auspicious can you get — a jovial semi-holiday, a gentle hint of Spring in the air, and a still-shining sun thanks to…

    • First meeting of Parks and Recs Commission

New commission, new focus, new mandate

Jan. 21By JoAnn GrecoFor PlanPhillyThat fifty or so people even turned out for the first public meeting of the Commission of Parks & Recreation last night is noteworthy.…

You are viewing 13 posts by the author JoAnn Greco concerning Commission on Parks and Recreation

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