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    • friends of the rail park

Driving home lessons from rails-to-parks conversions

There's a "growing collection of urban linear parks" in America, Beth White, the Chicago region's director for the Trust for Public Land (TPL) said Monday night in introducing the panelists for…

    • 'Bella Vista' by R. Kennedy

Tourism outfit promotes key neighborhoods in initiative

With a new initiative — Philadelphia Neighborhoods — debuting today, Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corp.(GPTMC) is raising the stakes when it comes to its impact on the city. And, in…

    • East Park Reservoir

Parks and Recreation Commission hears testimony on reservoir project

As it did during its previous meeting, the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Commission devoted the bulk of this Wednesday's meeting to a project that triggers a review to make sure it…

    • p1090401

Park & Recreation Commission hears Temple Boathouse testimony

The Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Commission hosted a packed house Wednesday evening at Lloyd Hall, turning over its bimonthly meeting to the hearing of testimony regarding a proposed boathouse to be…

    • Model of Bus Loop arch

Art Commission reviews bus loop, bridge, and sewer facility projects

The Philadelphia Art Commission reviewed three rather unglamorous projects Wednesday but gave each careful consideration, right down to examining the aesthetics of a sewer maintenance facility. That project, set for an…

    • Parks & Recreation Commission meets, gets green in Hawthorne

Parks & Recreation Commission meets, gets green in Hawthorne

Wednesday's meeting of the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Commission at Hawthorne Recreation Center saw the announcement of some triumphant news and some administrative changes.Chair Nancy Goldenberg began by announcing a…

    • Levy, Gajewski, Hillier, Strong

Sustainability and the poor: Will the two ever get along?

In connection with its production of red, black & GREEN: a blues, presented as part of the Live Arts Philly Fringe festival, the Annenberg Center last evening hosted a panel…

    • Billboards encroach on a garage, cheek by jowl

Scenic Philadelphia looks beyond billboards

For the last three years, Mary Tracy has been wearing two hats, one as president of Scenic America and one as executive director of Philadelphia-based SCRUB, the Society Created to Reduce…

    • Paine's Park

Art Commission gives nod to skateboard park, Avenue of the Arts light sculpture

A long-promised skateboard park near the Philadelphia Art Museum came one step closer to being realized as it received approval from the Philadelphia Art Commission on Wednesday.The plan submitted for…

    • The Porch's site

Placemaking the Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper way

With a few more parklets promised for this summer, and a couple of pedestrian plazas designed to return slivers of wide streets to walkers, Philadelphia is making, er, inroads on…

    • Adams, Nguyen, Vitiello, Washington

Greater Philadelphia Roundtable: City of neighborhoods, city of homes

Last night's concluding segment of the 10-series "Greater Philadelphia Roundtable," presented by The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, sought to wrap up much of the previous proceedings with a presentation called…

    • Nutter, DiBerardinis

Mayor, DiBerardinis announce TreePhilly

Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Michael Nutter and Michael DiBerardinis, deputy mayor for environmental and community resources, offered a Valentine's Day present to the citizens of Philadelphia by announcing the city's new tree…

    • PWD Commissioner Howard Neukrug

Philadelphia shines at Cities Alive, the annual conference of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Some 700 officials from cities across the U.S. are in town to attend the 9th Annual Cities Alive, presented by the Toronto-based Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), and co-hosted by…

    • Wissahickon's study pits man against Angora goats

Wissahickon's study pits man against Angora goats

For the next couple of months, it will be man against beast on the Cresheim Creek in the Wissahickon.Working separately ― one group (six  to ten human volunteers) with strong…

    • Kids in Center City

For young families, the city is increasingly a viable option

Three-year-old Vaughn is distractedly wandering around the concourse of the Comcast Center, a yellow balloon in one hand, a crumpled piece of paper in the other. He's just one of dozens…

    • Penn professors Haselbergera, Olin, and l-Asad spoke about design sustainability at a panel

Has urbanism ruined the city?

We use the words "cities" and "urbanism" interchangeably, but is that correct? Are the two, instead, in tension — and might the rushing onslaught of urbanism be endangering the very idea…

    • Lessons from other cities' civic landscaping projects

Lessons from other cities' civic landscaping projects

The oohs and ahhs were many at last night's panel discussion at the Philadelphia International Flower Show, "Transforming Public Landscapes," one in a series of evening presentations by what Pennsylvania Horticultural…

    • A new plan for the first 500 acres of public green space

A new plan for the first 500 acres of public green space

Last night at the Academy of Natural Sciences, in front of a capacity-plus crowd, Mayor Michael Nutter officially announced "Green 2015: An Action Plan for the First 500 Acres." The plan…

    • Parks and Recreation moves ahead on land disposition ordinance

Parks and Recreation moves ahead on land disposition ordinance

On Wednesday evening, for its fourth meeting since being formed, the new Parks and Recreation Commission offered the first public glimpse of its proposed Open Land Protection Ordinance. The ordinance…

    • Michael DiBerardinis

Don't miss the Parks & Rec meeting Wednesday night

This Wednesday evening, the newly-formed Parks & Recreation Commission rolls up its sleeves and meets for the first time since its official merger this summer. In a candid Q&A with PlanPhilly…

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