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    • Mark Focht

In Profile: Mark Focht merges concrete and verdant jungles

Mark Focht long ago figured out how he got to where he is today: first deputy commissioner, Department of Parks and Recreation for Philadelphia, and president-elect of the American Society of…

    • Mark Focht, Michael DiBerardinis, Susan Slawson

Council hears Parks & Recreation budget relief plea

At Tuesday's public hearings for the 2013 Parks & Recreation budget, a cadre of activists wearing green shirts and brandishing signs were joined by a literal peanut (as in wee) gallery…

The innovative ways in which cities are finding new park space

What do a popular spot for watching toads migrate and a historic cemetery have in common? They'e two non-traditional area examples that can be viewed as part of our overall open…

    • Bartram's Garden viewshed

Getting to better know the Parks & Rec system

A canopy of trees blazed orange and gold over Carroll Park, the stone entry posts looked new and intact, and — right on cue — a bright green trolley rolled past,…

    • Cruz Rec Center

Who is minding Philadelphia's parks?

Last week, the somnolence of a late August morning in Bella Vista was suddenly ravaged by the searing sound of a lawn mower. It was music to the neighbors' ears, though…

    • Parks and Recreation commissioner says department operating with

Parks and Recreation commissioner says department operating with "fervor and desperation"

Since there will be no bimonthly meeting of the newly-formed Parks & Recreation Commission, PlanPhilly caught up with Commissioner Michael DiBerardinis in a brief phone chat. The next scheduled meeting is…

    • With the creation of so many dog runs in recent years, there's no longer any excuse for owners to let their dogs off-leash.

Some simple solutions for our parks and rec centers

By JoAnn GrecoFor PlanPhilly As Philadelphia lazes itself into summer this week, its parks and recreation system enters its busiest season. Just in time for the extra wear and tear…

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