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    • Destroy This Memory by Richard Misrach, a new book that documents and reflects on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Photo essays for the Holidays

Three photography books released this year give wildly different treatments to a subject near and dear to every urbanite's heart  —abandoned cities. But alone, or together, they also make the perfect…

    • RDA vacant land report released

RDA vacant land report released

A new, 94-page report, "Vacant Land Management in Philadelphia: The Costs of the Current System and the Benefits of Reform," was released today by the Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia (RDA) and…

    • After attracting city agencies to the neighborhood, new homes are being constructed in the

Refusing to be forgotten

Blue hydrangeas bloom in pots outside three-story red brick homes, and wooden window boxes overflow with petunias and ivy along the tidy blocks of Queen Village. A handful of multi-million…

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