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    • Grays Ferry Triangle

Committee proposes permanent redesign for Grays Ferry Triangle plaza at 23rd and South

Less than two years after successfully negotiating a three-year temporary street closure permit for the Grays Ferry Triangle pedestrian plaza at 23rd and South streets, the Grays Ferry Avenue Triangles Committee is already…

    • Richmond Generating Station

November 26: Happy Thanksgiving | Taxi medallion values drop | Open data legacy endangered

A Happy Thanksgiving and safe holiday travels to all the PlanPhilly readers! We'll be back in action on Monday. Since Uber X entered the local ride-for-hire market, taxi medallions (the rationed…

    • Terry Gillen yard sign

Terry Gillen calls 2015 election a choice between old and new Philadelphia

The first candidate for the 2015 Mayoral race officially declared her intention to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination this weekend, casting the race as a contest between Old Philadelphia and New…

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