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    • PATCO City Hall station

January 13: Bernie Sanders' property tax plan | LEED Gold for Goldtex | Abandoned PATCO

As of January 1, Philadelphia's building code began requiring all new residential construction to include in-sink garbage disposals, reports Laura Bliss. The reason? "More disposals directing pulverized food waste into…

    • Pearl properties

October 22: New design for Boyd site high-rise | Fergie's Tower | Home prices climbing citywide

Pearl Properties released a revamped design for the high-rise on the Boyd Theater property, reports Jacob Adelman. Rather than filing a lawsuit to get the changes they wanted, neighbors hired architect…

    • Temple library and quad rendering
    • Dwight Evans

November 21: Evans 2015? | SEPTA and PATCO fare integration | Bike-share locations

Powerful state representative and 2007 Mayoral candidate Dwight Evans is contemplating a 2015 Mayoral bid. Huge transit news: SEPTA and PATCO are making the first step toward integrating their payment systems.…

    • Franklin Square station

October 3: Franklin Square PATCO station movement | Washington Ave restriping hits a wall | Old City infill

Some official business before the morning links - I'm flying out on vacation this evening for a few weeks (a good friend is getting married in Spain, so my wife and…

    • Broad St

August 25: Re-opening Franklin Square PATCO station | Camden getting safer | Remixing Broad Street | Bryan Hanes on Pier 68

Some political heavy hitters at PATCO and the Delaware River Port Authority are pushing to reopen the "ghost" PATCO station at Franklin Square. The move could be a big shot in…

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