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    • Broad and Washington snow pile

January 28: PPA and taxi companies colluding to fight Uber | Mount Washington | Free transfers

William Bender at the Daily News obtained emails between the Philadelphia Parking Authority and taxi medallion owners showing substantial collusion between the industry and regulators in fighting the spread of ride-hailing…

    • East Market construction site

January 6: Lost buildings of 2015 | Informal downzoning near Art Museum | Free-range kids

Alan Heavens thinks this is a feel-good story of compromise between a developer and near neighbors, but unless you completely discount the interests of future middle-class homebuyers who might want to…

    • Grays Ferry triangle park

January 9: Center City Target | Who's Parking on City Hall apron | Neighborhood Placemaker grants

Slowly but surely, the economic picture continued to brighten in December as the economy added 252,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 5.6%. As the job market improves, more younger…

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