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    • Dumpster Pool

August 1: Speeding up Amtrak on the cheap | 100 years of zoning | Dumpster pool

Alon Levy offers some cheaper alternatives to some of the budget-busting proposals in Amtrak's NEC Futures plan. One idea: fixing Frankford Junction to cut travel times between New York and…

    • Parkade

September 22: Energy Improvement District for Parkside | Placemaking under elevated trains | Neighborhood Civics 101

This Washington Post chart of the most common housing types in different US cities shows Philadelphia absolutely blowing everybody else away in the rowhouse category, naturally. We also come in…

    • 2013 Reyburn Plaza / Paine Plaza conceptual rendering | Philadelphia City Planning Commission

May 4: How to fix Reyburn Plaza | Callowhill's planning mistakes | Dilworth fountains as crowd control

Inga Saffron says the Dilworth Park fountains were used as a form of crowd control at the Philly is Baltimore protest. Duncan Black unpacks the South Philly parking psychology in Danya…

    • 2300 South Street rendering

South Street West Civic Association board ousted in election upset

Remember the South Street West Civic Association? When last we heard from them their president, Barbara Failer, was leading the charge against a variance request from developer Jason Nusbaum to build…

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