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    • No Savesies

January 22: SEPTA energy capture program expanding | Paying for sidewalks at point-of-sale | Castor Ave traffic calming

A new public-private partnership will expand SEPTA's 2012 pilot program that captures the energy created when subway trains hit the brakes, reports Andrew Maykuth. "Constellation Energy Resources...will pay for and install…

    • The 10th Street bike lane in Chinatown during its pilot phase.
    • SEPTA poster

January 14: SEPTA hears it from regional rail riders | Manayunk condo accepts Bitcoins | North Philly political crossfire

Powerful electrician's union leader John Dougherty stepped down as 1st Ward leader, reports Holly Otterbein, and committeepeople elected 20th division committeeman Tom Rumbaugh to take his place. This fall, Dougherty …

    • 1911 Walnut

December 18: Jefferson and Philadelphia University Merger | Speeding up SEPTA | Defending micro-apartments

In a surprise move, Thomas Jefferson University and Philadelphia University announced a preliminary agreement to merge yesterday. "The deal comes as many small colleges and universities are under financial pressure...In the…

    • PPA garage

December 14: State senator floats PPA privatization | Upgrading SEPTA trolleys | Rendell endorses energy hub

PA Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre County) wants to privatize the Philadelphia Parking Authority, reports Christine Baker. There are no specifics yet, but "[i]n an email sent to fellow…

    • The Granary (new building)

December 11: SEPTA regional rail changes | Rents down in Philly metro | $5 vehicle reg fee passes

SEPTA officials say the coming regional rail route changes are the most significant in 20 years, reports Hayden Mitman.  "[B]ecause of how the trains are linked in the system, [assistant general…

    • Demographics by Commute Types

Infographics: Who bikes, drives, walks, or rides transit to work in Philly?

Attitudes about transit riders, cyclists, and motorists are heavily tangled up in identity politics. In the absence of good information, stereotypes tend to color people's impressions about how different types of…

    • Traffic on Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia, one of the corridors targeted for improvements in new city plan.

November 20: Washington Avenue 'edge lines' | DRPA's reverse congestion charge | Income-based water billing

Inga Saffron laments Southern Land Co's proposed demolition of three charming Sansom Street buildings near Rittenhouse, and wonders whether Jim Kenney "will be the mayor who finally recognizes that our three-century collection…

    • The collapse site from above, from the RiverWest Condominium's rooftop.

November 19: L+I won't release demolition safety plans | 85 SEPTA managers retiring | Dissatisfied Citizens and Enthusiastic Urbanists

Ashley Hahn has an important editorial up this morning on L+I's refusal to make demolition safety plans public, and this idea in particular deserves a serious look from the city.…

    • Ben Franklin Parkway bike lane

November 17: Boom times for the Parkway | Greenworks emissions report | Unused city wireless equipment

The former Family Court building at 1801 Vine St will be redeveloped as a 199-room hotel, reports Alan Hughes. It will be the first major hotel owned by a black-owned…

    • Bartram's Mile rendering

October 28: Resettling Syrian refugees | Vernon Park improvements complete | Bullet voting report

Max Marin checks in on the local planning process for resettling Syrian refugees. Officials think the best locations would be either Lancaster, Allentown, or Northeast Philly. An accounting of the…

    • Bus on Bus Stop Pad at 7th and Chestnut/Jim Saksa, PlanPhilly

SEPTA announces public-private partnership for energy-efficient retrofits

At its October meeting last week, SEPTA's board approved two sustainability projects made possible by the state's 2012 Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) enabling public-private partnerships for financing energy projects.  SEPTA…

    • #SEPTA247

Should Philly colleges give transit passes to all students?

Last year we took a look at Pittsburgh’s success bundling discount transit access into tuition at area colleges, and we were interested to see last week that SEPTA's Youth Advisory Council…

    • SEPTA 24/7

September 21: SEPTA's YAC pushing bulk fare deals for universities | How to petition for traffic calming | Stober floats participatory budgeting

SEPTA's Youth Advisory Council, the organization charged with representing young people's perspective to the transit authority, started a petition for a new SEPTA School Partnership Program for bulk purchasing of…

    • Washington Square

July 31: The Secret Service speaks on Papal visit | Short-term transpo funding extension | PRA's first conservatorship

The Secret Service is denying responsibility for limiting SEPTA service or suggesting businesses close during Pope Francis's visit. The consultant who blew the lid on the push to close I-95 for…

    • 22nd and Market

July 21: SEPTA Pope pass sales still suspended | Big Stenton Park improvements | Andrew Stober: Transit blogger

Here is Andrew Stober's blog from his Eisenhower Fellowship, with his observations on transit and transportation issues abroad. Stober was formerly the chief of staff at MOTU, and is currently running as…

    • Average loss per passenger ride

SEPTA loses less money on fares than most other metro transit agencies

Every single US metro transit agency loses some money on each passenger trip, but how much money they lose varies. This piece at City Lab shows that, on that score, SEPTA…

    • New Ishknits

May 27: City eyes airport area land acquisition | Evolution of street art panel | What millage means

About 42% of all households in the Philadelphia metro use SEPTA regularly, even if not for work. The latest on PHL's expansion plans: some key land acquisition legislation from Councilman Kenyatta…

    • 3600 Lancaster

May 22: Kenney's planning politics | Mass transit retirements | Saffron pans the Boyd tower

Apropos of Ashley Hahn's questions about a potential Mayor Kenney's orientation on planning politics, here are five episodes we highlighted back in January that shed some light on his core values.…

    • Manayunk Mural Arts installation

May 14: House votes to cut Amtrak funding | Brandywine plans huge East Market project | Common Ground Marketplace preview

Just hours after the Amtrak derailment in Port Richmond, the US House voted to slash funding for Amtrak passenger rail service by $260 million. More money can't solve every problem, but…

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