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    • Brian Abernathy

Redeveloping the Redevelopment Authority

It has been a long, turbulent run for the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. Five executive directors in eight years. Dramatically slowed sales of publicly owned property. And embarrassing worldwide coverage (literally…

    • councilwoman maria q sanchez stands in front of 2432 n 4th street a blighted tax delinquent property in her district march 1 2013 david swanson inquirer staff photographer 752 502 s

As Philly land bank momentum slows, proponents want administration to take lead

Political progress on Philadelphia’s proposed land bank - which many advocates see as central to solving the vacancy and property tax delinquency crises - has ground to a near halt in…

    • 3831 Cambridge, property traced to Antoine Gardiner and photographed February 22, 2013. (David Swanson / Inquirer Staff Photographer)

Ravaged by Neglect, Part Two: A broken property tax system where everyone loses, except investors

Philadelphia's decades-long neglect of property tax collections has been a disaster for public schools, the city budget, and typical taxpaying homeowners. But the system does have its advantages for low-rent landlords,…

    • rbn 01

Part One: Lax property tax enforcement and brazen deadbeat investors have depressed Philadelphia’s property-tax base by $9.5 billion

The neighbors did what they could to dress up the gaping wound on their block. They painted the steps black and the porch a bold bluish-green. In the fall, they put…

    • City's tax delinquency epidemic deepens

City's tax delinquency epidemic deepens

Philadelphia property tax delinquents piled up an additional $43.8 million in new debt over the last year, increasing the total amount owed to the city and financially desperate School District to…

    • City owned properties, mapped and ready to sell.

City's "Front Door" cracks open

At last, the city’s enormous inventory of mostly vacant surplus land is being made available online for would-be buyers.The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority’s “Front Door” - essentially a database and map…

    • Sheriff sales failing to round up promised bonanza of property tax deadbeats

Sheriff sales failing to round up promised bonanza of property tax deadbeats

Two years ago, the City of Philadelphia offered its legions of tax deadbeats a once-in-a-generation chance at amnesty: a 54-day window to settle their accounts without paying a dime in penalties…

    • Philadelphia's imminent vacant land plan: major progress, or major letdown?

Philadelphia's imminent vacant land plan: major progress, or major letdown?

The City of Philadelphia has all but finished an overhaul of its land disposition policy, a long awaited move designed to put more of the city’s nearly 13,000 vacant properties -…

    • The structure dominates the intersection of 48th and Walnut.

How the fate of the old West High may be hinged to far West Philly revival

This report is a product of William Penn Foundation funded reporting partnership between Plan Philly and the Notebook. The old West Philadelphia High School at 48th and Walnut is a…

    • Partnerships produce exclusive tax delinquency and school closing news in 2011

Partnerships produce exclusive tax delinquency and school closing news in 2011

Tax DelinquencyIn August, PlanPhilly published the findings of a months-long investigation into the City of Philadelphia’s delinquent property tax collection system. The report, produced in partnership with the…

    • How Philadelphia is failing to proceed on taxes owed

How Philadelphia is failing to proceed on taxes owed

Sometime in the next three months, state lawmakers will begin formally considering a bill that would make Philadelphia finally deal with its 100,000-plus backlog of tax-delinquent properties. It will not be…

    • Broken assessment system complicates sales of delinquent property

Broken assessment system complicates sales of delinquent property

Annual property-tax bills in Philadelphia are determined by a relatively simple calculation: the tax rate (9.08 percent in 2012, 8.26 percent in 2011) times the assessed value of the property equals…

    • Abandoned tax delinquent property on the 2300 block of Gerrit Street in Point Breeze (Clem Murray / Inquirer)

Special report: How tax delinquent properties thwart development

For most of its recent history, the 1700 block of Manton Street in Point Breeze was notable only as a 420-foot-long case study in Philadelphia’s ills. Violence? Check. Abandonment? Check. Crack…

    • Flawed delinquency records abound

Flawed delinquency records abound

According to city records, a West Philadelphia company, Neighborhood Restorations, is one of the biggest property-tax deadbeats in town, owing $247,000 on nearly 300 tax-delinquent parcels. But the city records are…

    • A tax delinquent and unsafe eyesore at the exclusive intersection of 18th and Delancey. (Clem Murray/Inquirer)

Many delinquent properties have real market value

How much are delinquent properties in Philadelphia actually worth? Some, like the Foxwoods casino site, are worth plenty. But there are many others — vacant lots and abandoned shells in some…

    • Special report: The delinquency crisis

Special report: The delinquency crisis

Philadelphia runs the least-effective delinquent-property-tax collection system of the nation's biggest cities, a system that has created a “culture of nonpayment” and cost the city and cash-strapped School District $472 million…

    • West Philadelphia High School, a five-story, brick and limestone structure built in 1911-1912 at a cost of $1.3 million.

District budget crisis focuses pols on school closings

For the past year, City Hall has regarded the looming closure of up to 50 public school buildings as a headache on the horizon: an issue that was sure to…

    • Thomas A. Edison High (Julia de Burgos Middle School until 2003) is under agreement of sale for $600,000.

School district unveils new plan for selling off properties

Over the next three years, the School District of Philadelphia plans to close as many as 50 school buildings. The targets - which schools, which neighborhoods - for now remain…

    • Tire swings hang from trees at a small park on 5th street near York and Dauphin.

Special Report: How the city serves Eastern North Philadelphia

The handball court on the 2300 block of N. 5th Street is not much to look at. Weeds grow out of cracks in the pavement. The tiny playground beside the court…

    • Special Report: APM set its own rules

Special Report: APM set its own rules

In a city like Philadelphia, where big deals still get hammered out in back rooms and close ties to politicians are a basic part of doing business, even the well intentioned…

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