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Tell us about your hidden gems, eyesores

In only two short months since I became managing editor of, I have had at least a dozen wonderful moments of discovery while working the waterfront.Despite two decades of experience as…

    • Harris Steinberg chats with Mayor Street

Planning Philadelphia’s future

FROM THE DIRECTOR'S DESK, Jan. 15By Harris SteinbergExecutive Director of PennPraxisPlanning in Philadelphia is a time-honored affair.  William Penn’s and Thomas Holme’s iconic 1683 Portraiture of the city…

    • Some values from Queen Village

Values consolidation under way

In January, there will be a consolidation of citizens' core neighborhood and waterfront values identified in three public sessions in December. The values from the forums are listed below. They will…

    • National Heritage Trail

Imagining blazing this trail

Jan. 4, 2007By David Schaaf RAPhiladelphia City Planning Commission The exiting 109th Congress of the United States created the Nation’s “First National Water Trail” – more properly, the “John…

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You are viewing 44 posts concerning Lower Southwest




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