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Tacony Hoagie Trail sandwiches put to the test

The Northeast is crawling with city planners these days, thanks to the city's Philadelphia2035 comprehensive plan and the need to create master zoning and improvement projects for Philly's countless neighborhoods. Over…

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With federal charges filed, Philly DA drops Tacony 'dungeon' charges

The Philadelphia District Attorney's office has dropped charges against Linda Weston, Gregory Thomas, Eddie Wright and Jean McIntosh for their alleged involvement in a captivity case. The four now face federal…

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On verge of local trial, U.S. Attorney indicts in Tacony basement captive case

Days before a trial was set to begin in a Philadelphia court, a 196 count federal indictment has come down against those accused of holding mentally disabled people in order to…

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At Engine 38 ribbon cutting, rally cries to recall Nutter

City firefighters turned the opening of a new firehouse in Tacony Tuesday into the beginning of a campaign to recall the mayor, but there appears to be a legal problem with…

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Frankford Avenue prostitution a problem for many neighborhoods

Fourteen years ago, Joe Nicoletti made the decision to come back to his roots in Tacony where family settled in the 1890s from Italy. Nicoletti wanted to start a family with…

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Tacony hoagie shop owner visits Washington

You can usually find Ernie DeNofa in Tacony. He's the owner of  DeNofa's Deli at 6946 Torresdale Ave., one of three shops in Tacony's Hoagie Trail. But DeNofa was…

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Documenting the underground: Philly's sewer historian

Nearly 3,000 miles of sewers wind underneath Philadelphia's streets. They make modern life possible in the homes and sky-scrapers above, but go largely unnoticed. Except, that is, by one man whose…

    • Flavorhoods: Tacony Hoagie Trail
Eyes on the Street

Flavorhoods: Tacony Hoagie Trail

Philadelphia is a city of flavorhoods, packed with distinctive tastes, treats, and personality all their own. We’re setting out to explore some of the city's unique food assets – from specialty…

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Northeast Philadelphia Hall of Fame inducts 5 new members [video]

More than 200 people opted to spend a sunny Sunday indoors for what, for many, was an emotional Northeast Philadelphia Hall of Fame induction ceremony. "The average Philadelphian probably doesn't think…

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Tacony business owners envision design changes for Torresdale Avenue facades

Could a redesigned facade change the perception of a business and the look of Torresdale Avenue? That's part of the plan in Tacony, where a facade improvement project is underway for…

    • DeNofa's Italian Deli and Catering could get a facelift next year.
Eyes on the Street

Torresdale Avenue businesses envision refreshed facades

Can an entire neighborhood commercial corridor be uplifted if enough business owners freshen up their building facades? That's the hope brewing along Torresdale Avenue in Tacony where a new facade improvement…

    • Friends of the Japanese House and Garden will be honored by HSP for their work restoring Fairmount Park's Sakura Pavilion. | Christine Fisher
Eyes on the Street

Making Phoenix Community Park last | Coyle pleads guilty | HIP Award honorees | UC's rusty water

Friends of the Japanese House and Garden will be honored by HSP for their work restoring Fairmount Park's Sakura Pavilion. | Christine Fisher Seven years ago, Phoenix Community Park rose from…

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Northeast Philly Love Note: Twistee Treat

Twistee Treat was built in the mid-90s. I watched it go up every day as my family drove north on Frankford Avenue from Wissinoming to Torresdale, hitting every red light en…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: Mayfair gets credit for Tacony's cool sign

Updated:  A reader has called to our attention the Mayfair neighborhood banner hanging in front of Stein's in the photo used for the Naked Philly story. We can't fault them for…

Real NEastate: How much money do I need to buy this Tacony home?

I am thinking about buying a house for sale in Tacony. I am paying $1,200 in rent currently and I know owning would cost me a lot less than my landlord…

    • Map image/Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network

Data show owner occupancy still high in most Northeast neighborhoods

  More than 8o percent of homes in Parkwood are owner-occupied. In Lexington Park, it's 60 percent to 70 percent. And across Wissinoming and Tacony, 50 percent to 60 percent of…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: In which the Daily News uses parallel streets to try to define an intersection

Friendship Street and Longshore Avenue run parallel. They're parallel in Lawncrest, Castor Gardens and across the Boulevard into Mayfair and Tacony. At no point do they intersect. And yet, somehow the Daily…

    • One part of the plan to revitalize Torresdale Avenue in Tacony involves giving facelifts to storefronts. Photo/Laura Robb

Initiatives aim to restore historic charm to Tacony's Torresdale Avenue

One part of the plan to revitalize Torresdale Avenue in Tacony involves giving facelifts to storefronts. Photo/Laura Robb After many troublesome years for Torresdale Avenue, Tacony resident and business owners have banded…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: CBS reports wrong neighborhood for home invasion

How many times do we have to remind the big media outlets that Robbins Street is the border between Wissinoming and Tacony? Apparently, at least one more. This is the fourth…

    • Lardner's Point Park in Northeast Philadelphia, where the city tried timed locks and composting toilets -- unsuccessfully.
Eyes on the Street

Lovely Lardner's Point Park [slideshow]

Lardner’s Point Park, a new public space along the Delaware River just below the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, opened in May bringing a softer green edge to the waterfront. The park, advanced…

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