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    • Catching up with food and tunes at First Friday on Race Street Pier
Eyes on the Street

Ten years later, five ways Philly should keep building on Civic Vision for Central Delaware

On this day in 2006 then-Mayor John Street signed an executive order to create a civic vision for seven miles of Philadelphia’s Delaware River waterfront. That vision, led by PennPraxis, was…

    • Paseo Verde
Eyes on the Street

Homegrown Middle Class: A Neighborhoods Policy for Philadelphia

To John Kromer the city's persistent poverty is best tackled at the neighborhood level. In a four-part series of commentaries Kromer, an urban housing and development consultant and former city housing…

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Growing up Catholic in Northeast Philly, one thing you'll never lose is St. Anthony

Essay by Gina Rider for NewsWorks Growing up, I was notorious for losing things. I lost gloves, library books, and every sock I've ever owned. Luckily I didn't have to find lost…

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Stack: Speed cameras can help

The following is an op-ed submitted by Pa. Sen. Mike Stack, D-5th. Those who speed excessively are a danger to us all. We’ve seen the catastrophic effects all too often in…

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Northeast Philly Love Note: Ryerss Museum

One of my favorite spots is the Ryerss Museum and Library in Burholme Park in Northeast Philadelphia. Robert Ryerss bequeathed his home and 80 acres of land to the people of…

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Do Philadelphians judge each other based on their neighborhoods?

What does it mean to you when someone tells you he or she lives in Frankford? Or is from Chalfont? Or grew up in Mt. Airy but now lives in Pennsport?…

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Northeast Philly Love Note: R7 Line

My absolute favorite place in Philly is what I still call the R7. My route takes me from Cornwells Heights to Suburban Station. Along the way, I see the Philly that…

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Letter: Grieving parents deserve time away from work

The following is a letter to the editor. Its content is independent of NEast Philly’s editorial team. Father’s Day is quickly approaching and I must say, I am not looking forward…

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Letter: St. Joachim too much of a Frankford resource to close

The following is a letter to the editor. It’s content is independent of NEast Philly’s editorial team. Most of you who know me are aware of my interest in history.  So…

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Holmesburg, Somerton get citywide spotlight

NEast Philly reports on neighborhoods like Holmesburg and Somerton every day. But it's a much rarer occasion to see Northeast Philly neighborhoods get citywide attention. But both got the chance this…

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Report: 'Anyone who cares about the future of Philadelphia should pay attention to the state and fate of the Northeast'

Whether you love your Northeast Philly neighborhood, or you're one of our commenters who laments the changes you've seen over the years, you should read this piece from Hidden City contributor…

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How many tax delinquent properties are within 500 feet of your house?

PlanPhilly's multi-part story on property tax delinquents is well worth the read. But one particular item you should pay attention to is the map being used to show Philadelphians how many…

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Click That 'Hood! How long will it take you to identify Philly's neighborhoods?

It might be easy to pick out Somerton or Holmesburg, but could you find Elmwood? What about McGuire? Code for America and Philly-based Azavea compiled their data and app-making skills to…

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Northeast Philly Love Note: Stein's Famous Deli

Growing up in Jersey meant many things for me. My grandmother lived in Elkins Park (and later moved to Plymouth Meeting), and we would visit her often. During those visits, I…

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Vote of approval at Frankford's first Neighborhood Advisory Council meeting

The Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Council met Jan 17 for the first zoning issue vote in its history. The owners of 5029 Charles St. need a variance to legalize the fence that…

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LOLadelphia: Northeast Philly is awesome

"NE Philly is awesome." Just ask the folks behind LOLadelphia!, the site that pokes fun at the city's idiosyncrasies, all the while celebrating them. Last week, LOL published its "Top Ten…

Reader Submission: Reaction to Sandy Hook shootings

It is difficult to sell the notion of God when times are bright and hopeful. People are extremely doubtful and question the validity of something which cannot be seen, felt or…

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Northeast Philly Love Note: Frankford

I've lived in Philly almost my whole life (college outside Boston and a brief post-college stint in DC excluded). I grew up in the far Northeast and went to High School in Center…

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Northeast Philly Love Note: Nick's Roast Beef

My roots are in the Northeast, and it's been my home in Philly for the last few years now. Nick's is just a couple blocks from that home, and it's one…

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Let's discuss: Introducing our new commenting system

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, and welcome to NEast Philly's new commenting system. We're using "Disqus," a popular discussion tool that you might recognize from other sites. The purpose of…

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