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    • Rendering of a closed Parkway block for The Oval+ 2018 | PORT Urbanism
Eyes on the Street

In Common: The Oval stretches car-free play onto the Parkway this summer

Our series about Philly's changing public spaces continues with a trip on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Ashley Hahn checks in on The Oval, a summertime experience geared at making the Parkway…

    • The Oval is being remade in bold, bright geometries
Eyes on the Street

The Oval returns for third season, will it see a fourth?

If The Oval started three years ago as an experiment to see if an underused part of the Parkway could become a lively – if temporary – public space, consider the…

    • Part of the Oval
Eyes on the Street

August 8: Friends of Clark Park supports 4224 Baltimore | DAs office aggressively seizes houses | from Hippodrome to Villa | Feeling Use & Occupancy Tax hike | WaPo on More Park, Less Way

Good morning, Streeters. It may be a humid and stormy Thursday out there, but there are predictions for a nice weekend ahead. Here's your morning Buzz: Friends of Clark Park has…

    • Rendering of The Oval, looking westward. | LRSLA studio
Eyes on the Street

Eakins Oval: More park, less parking

If the Parkway’s new mantra is “More park, less way” then the rallying cry for improving Eakins Oval might be “More park, less parking.” With its tall trees, beautiful fountains, and…

    • Traffic on the Parkway
Eyes on the Street

More Park, Less Way reflects larger transportation trends

The Benjamin Franklin Parkway has always reflected Philadelphia’s general attitude toward transportation, and as the city rolls out More Park, Less Way: An Action Plan to Increase Urban Vibrancy on the…

    • Proposed Actions
    • Ben Franklin Parkway bike lane

The plan for our greatest civic space: More Park, Less Way

Yoga stretches on the grass. Food trucks on Eakins Oval. And, why not, an ice sculpture from Andy Goldsworthy, the English artist famed for his work using materials he finds in…

    • More Park, Less Way - report cover
Eyes on the Street

More Park, Less Way unveiled

Questions about how the Benjamin Franklin Parkway can be a more urban, lively place have puzzled planners, politicians, and residents for decades. And Monday the Department of Parks and Recreation will…

    • walksonwater
Eyes on the Street

Feb 1: Parkway shifts | recycling construction debris | SEPTA's rail messaging | Philly short on patents | Bicentennial Bell removed

Good morning and welcome to February. Here’s your Friday morning Buzz: On Monday an action plan for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be unveiled. In her column today Inga Saffron weighs…

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