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    • Rudolph Muller, 8th District Community Relations Officer

8th District Officer: two of three caught in CVS shootout

Rudolph Muller, 8th District Community Relations Officer Rudolph Muller was at last night's Upper Holmesburg Civic Association to introduce himself as the new 8th District Community Relations Officer to the nearly…

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Police, thieves exchange gunfire at Upper Holmesburg CVS

Police are looking for three armed thieves who attempted to rob the Upper Holmesburg CVS earlier this week, and exchanged gunfire with officers. After demanding medicine and money from inside…

    • Edward Vassallo of OEM

Office of Emergency Management's guidelines for preparedness

Edward Vassallo of OEM It is possible to be organized in an emergency. So long as you've planned ahead. At last night's Upper Holmesburg Civic Association meeting, Edward Vassallo of the…

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Double hit-and-run victim identified

Police have identified the victim of a double-hit-and run as 23-year-old Anthony Breslin. Breslin was struck by two vehicles early Monday morning in Upper Holmesburg.A report from the Inquirer…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: Holmesburg flags invisible to Action News

Those pesky Upper Holmesburg flags. One minute they're there, then a TV station comes along and they disappear. That must be what happened when NBC called Holmesburg Frankford in July.…

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Man fatally struck by two cars in Upper Holmesburg

A man died early this morning after being struck by two cars in Upper Holmesburg. Reports indicate the man was struck once on the 8500-block of Frankford Avenue, and struck again…

    • Image from Sam Churchill's Flickr.

NEast Philly's best-read articles of 2010

Image from Sam Churchill's Flickr. Happy New Year, everyone! In an effort to make NEast Philly as great and reader-friendly as possible, we've reviewed our 10 best-read articles of 2010 to…

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Cars vandalized in Upper Holmesburg

In what neighbors believe is connected to ongoing drug problems in the area, 11 cars were broken into overnight Wednesday on the 8400-block of Walker Street. Residents of the Upper…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: St. Dom's is back in Frankford

This one brings us back. For those of you who've been reading NEast Philly since it's infancy, we started Right NEast/Wrong NEast back in February 2009 -- about a year after…

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Car accident leaves boy in critical condition

We received a notice a short time ago from ReadyNotifyPA about an accident on the 4400-block of Tolbut Street in Upper Holmesburg. A 6-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle and…

What the Planning Commission has in store for the Northeast

Meet Ian Litwin. He works for the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, and you'll be seeing his face at neighborhood meetings as he learns how the Northeast operates, what matters to us…

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"We fell short," prisons commissioner says of escape

Philadelphia Prisons Commissioner Louis Giorla attended last night's Upper Holmesburg Civic Association meeting to talk with residents about last month's escape of Kevin Turner from Curran-Fromhold Correction Facility. Turner…

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Mayfair offers support to Upper Holmesburg sports complex

The Mayfair Civic Association announced yesterday its plans to support the development of a sports complex in Upper Holmesburg. UHCA members have already enthusiastically -- albeit informally -- approved the complex…

    • A portion of property proposed for a sports complex in Upper Holmesburg

Sports complex proposed in Upper Holmesburg

In what would be the first of its kind in the nation, the Philadelphia Sports Zone, along with several local leaders and Italy's AC Milan, are proposing a sports…

    • The Holmesburg Civic Association Board hosts the October meeting.

PECO talks rate increases at Holmesburg Civic

The winter months are coming, and with it will come rate increases from PECO. As an answer to the increase, PECO is promoting its energy saving tips and assistance programs to…

    • Northeast residents listen as the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's Michael Thompson explains the proposed zoning code rewrite. Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

ZCC Director: 'Northeast has very well-formed civic associations'

At a 10th City Council District open house for the Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission, Northeast Philadelphia residents thought certain aspects of the code rewrite would negatively affect their neighborhoods, while other…

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Kidnapped Burholme man found in Upper Holmesburg

Police are investigating a kidnapping case that happened over the weekend involving a Burholme man. According to a report by CBS3, Edwin Guzman, who owns a grocery story in Kensington,…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: NBC has trouble reading signs in Holmesburg

So NBC10 reporters were on the scene yesterday when a man got stuck in the creek at Pennypack Park in Holmesburg. Or, as you can read on NBC's website, a man…

    • The area of Pennypack Park where two men's raft overturned in the creek.

Man missing from Pennypack Creek

One of two men who went rafting in Pennypack Creek yesterday is missing. According to a report by the Daily News, the men's raft overturned just before 7 p.m. in…

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