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    •  A happy crew celebrating Claflen Associates Excellence Award for Skyplane

Claflen explains SkyPlane project and presents award for that work to Planning Commission

Skyplane is a 2012 Zoning Code-adopted way to measure the exposure to light in a street as indicated by the amount of access to the open sky. Skyplane calculation is intended…

    • ortliebs1

Opinion: New zoning classification has strings attached no one should want

So there’s a large lot right in the middle of your otherwise nice rowhouse block. Fifty years ago it was a small factory, but now it’s a nuisance, full of trash…

    • zcc final vote original

Two words sum up zoning and development coverage in 2013: Reform fatigue

One benefit of carving time into uniform chunks is the opportunity it provides to retroactively define the characteristics of a given chunk, and, by delimiting the past, expand our understanding thereof.…

    • Mayor Michael Nutter and Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger celebrated the enactment of a new zoning code in August

Draft of zoning code report finds little change so far at the zoning board

“The Commission shall analyze the Zoning Code to determine …. whether the Code may be consolidated or simplified to make it more consistent and easy to understand and to reduce the…

    • Eleanor Sharpe

Planning Commission hires Eleanor Sharpe to help implement Philadelphia2035

Earlier this month, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission hired Eleanor Sharpe, a former member of the Zoning Code Commission, to serve as its director of legislative and intergovernmental affairs. Sharpe, who…

    • phpnpzlfo

Planning Commission seeks feedback on new zoning code

If you've got something to say about the new zoning code--either the one that was enacted last August or the one that remains after City Council has adopted a series of…

    • Eva Gladstein

Exit interview with zoning reform defender Eva Gladstein

Next Friday, February 8th, Eva Gladstein will work her last day as deputy director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. She was appointed to the position about a year ago, after…

    • ZCC final vote

Philadelphia’s planning and zoning process receives 2013 National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association

Washington, D.C. – Philadelphia’s Integrated Planning and Zoning Process will receive the 2013 National Planning Excellence Award for a Best Practice from the American Planning Association for its innovative approach at leveraging the synergy…

    • 0

City 'snafu' blamed for Fox Chase zoning issue

There are three identical sets of twin duplexes on the 8100-block of Ryers Avenue in Fox Chase, and 8124 is part of them. They've always been duplexes, and city documents recognize…

    • Greg Pastore, former Zoning Code Commissioner, appointed to Zoning Board of Adjustment

Greg Pastore, former Zoning Code Commissioner, appointed to Zoning Board of Adjustment

Last week, a new face appeared behind the long desk of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the body that enforces the zoning code by deciding whether and how to grant exceptions…

    • Frankford Creek empties into the Delaware River

Council consensus on 50-foot stream buffer in jeopardy

A few weeks ago, a bill was introduced into City Council which would amend various technical errors in the new zoning code and approve the Water Department’s hydrology map. The…

    • Council members huddle, finalizing amendments to zoning code bill

New zoning code will take effect without Commission’s finishing touches

Note: In an earlier version of this article, the 50-foot stream buffer was mistakenly identified as one of the Administration's amendments to the zoning code; it was in fact passed as…

    • Draft of new zoning regulations presented to Planning Commission

Draft of new zoning regulations presented to Planning Commission

In a special meeting of  the City Planning Commission at the Central Library Tuesday afternoon, deputy director of the PCPC Eva Gladstein presented a draft of amended regulations for the Commission…

    • What kinds of signs should Philadelphia have?
Eyes on the Street

Picking up on signs: (de)sign controls, visual preferences, digital billboards, and wayfinding

Philly is a sign-heavy city. And it seems that our signage big and small is getting lots of attention lately. I've mentioned the push to legalize bandit signs, billboard art…

    • Former ZCC members to reform sign regulations

Former ZCC members to reform sign regulations

Philadelphia’s current zoning code doesn’t know what a projecting sign is. Or, rather, it has several ideas about what a projecting sign is, but it hasn’t made up its mind. Chapter…

    • Peter Kelsen and the old code way back in 2007

2011: A Zoning Reform Odyssey

In an Economist article published in 1955, not long before Philadelphia’s zoning code was last revised, C. Northcote Parkinson first articulated what later became known as Parkinson’s law: the amount of…

    • City Council adopted a new zoning code in Dec., 2011

City Council adopts a new zoning code

“Having been read on two different days,” said outgoing City Council President Anna C. Verna, calling for a vote on zoning reform legislation in Council’s last session of the year Thursday…

    • The City Council's chambers.
Eyes on the Street

Will zoning reform really shift City Council's land use powers?

December 15 is a big day for the City of Philadelphia. City Council should – fingers still crossed – pass a new zoning code. This moment is the culmination of four…

Planning Commission to City Council: Approve bills creating new zoning code

Planning Commissioners Tuesday lent their support to three bills related to the adoption of the city's new zoning code, which City Council is expected to vote on Thursday.Zoning Bill 110845…

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