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    • 30th Street Bridge after officials threw the switch

Eyes on the Trail: Officials respond to Schuylkill River crime with lighting and town watch

Emil Nunez liked to walk along the Schuylkill River Trail. During the day, he could admire the trail’s handful of landscaped gardens, the silty river’s languid tranquility, and the statues dotted…

    • Victorian Row | David Swift
Eyes on the Street

February 10: Losing Kmart | Umbrellas to housing | Boutique hotel for Queen Village | Mantua before Promise Zone | 2013 pedestrian, bike, car tickets | Complete streets in Congress

Welcome to the working week, Streeters. Here’s what we’re interested in this morning. The Gallery may not be beautiful but it is a retail force, drawing shoppers from across the city.…

    • Washington Square snow fountain
Eyes on the Street

February 6: Sneckdown | Learning from Buck fire | Asian Philadelphians in need | Planning Camp recap | More Columbus Square development

Good morning, Streeters. We hope you aren’t among the 400,000 people still don’t have power from yesterday’s ice storm and that your commute is getting back to normal. All of this…

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